The portrait is finsihed - and I love it!

I got Harlow & Boris' portrait in the mail today, and I am so, so, very happy with it. There were tears and jumping around all giddy and joyful from me, that's how happy I am with it. In less than 10 minutes I knew that I had to give it to my parents, because I could never wait until Christmas to give it to them. So I asked if they wanted it now, of course they did. And they both are very happy with it and with the way that the artist captured those little faces that we love so much. There's something so special about a portrait, that symbolizes so much. We love our doggies.
So, if you are thinking of having a portrait of a person, pets or house done, please check out Stephanie at here etsy shop - or at her website -
She was really great to work with, and listened to my input all along the process.

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