Lots of snow. I'm not a fan but Harlow is

The 'Big Ole Snow Storm of December 2009' is here. I woke up to about 4-6 inches of snow, and it's still kinda sleety out there now. This is the front yard, with my Mustang totally covered.

More front yard. Yeah, the trees do look pretty. But it's supposed to be really windy later today,  so I hope that none of them fall down. We're way back in the woods, so our front yard is all thick with oak, holly and laurel.

Here's Harlow, running linke a banshee in the snow. She enjoyed it very much. Boris stayed inside and snuggled up for a nap.

Then she was exhausted, but unwilling to go to sleep after her mad dashing through the snow. Plus I made cookies for the next few hours, so that kept her awake because she wanted to know what was going on in the kitchen.