Mermaid Altered Art Book

Hey, check it out - a non Project Runway post!

Remember my current altered art book project? For those who have never heard of altered art, you take an item, usually a book, and you alter it with your own designs - paint, pictures, drawings etc. This is the second altered art round robin that I've been in. Each month the books rotate and you do a page in someone else's book. This project was a small group of only 7 gals and I got my finished book back this week. The theme for my book was 'Mermaids' and here is a look at the great work that was done in my book - (click images for larger views)

This layout included real seashells -

Sequins, glitter and pearls -

Very cool mermaid silhouettes -

This layout was a look at the dark side of the mermaid legend. I never imagined seeing skulls with my pretty mermaids, but I think the theme is really cool -

And lastly, pretty vintage ladies with sequins on their tails-


fuzzylizzie said...

Carol, the book looks great! It was fun working on your pages. Lizzie

Glamoursurf said...

I agree, the mermaids was a fun one! Great book!

meddevi said...

I absolutely love the pose of the mermaid you show in close-up - could you please direct me to the source of the image, I'd love to use it in tattoo design.