Project Runway - We can make sh*t out of Candy

Yeah, Project Runway returned last night with a new episode! The challenge this week started with an early morning wake-up visit from Tim Gunn. Good morning Tim, I'm not wearing a bra and I haven't brushed my teeth yet! Kit answered the door right out of bed wearing a tank top, and she was using her arm to cover herself so that Tim couldn't see that she wasn't wearing a bra yet. I liked that. Alot of girls would just stand there like 'I'm not wearing a bra, who cares'. Kit is a cool girl. Over in the boy's room Chris asked Tim where his footie pajamas were. oh Chris, I'm so glad that you are back.
Tim took the designers down to the Hershey's Candy Store at Times Square. The challenge was to use whatever they could grab in the store to create an outfit. They had 5 minutes to grab. I probably would have stood there in a daze because all I saw in that store was silver, brown velour, orange plastic and bright colored faux fur. Everyone seemed excited about the challenge and Christian was the one who remarked 'We can make sh*t out of candy'

Rami won again (still my pick for final three) he used shiny wrappers and plastic bags to make a very structured halter bodice and pleated skirt, first outfit above. Very shiny and happy, very candy-like.
Jillian was the only who actually used candy in her design. She used Twizzlers to make a fitted bodice and fringed skirt, #2 above. She had a hard time getting the candy to stay on the fabric and wondered why no one else in the competion was using the candy on their garments. Jillian, did you see season 1? Don't you remember Austin's corn husk dress, or the gaudy mess that was Wendy's bathingsuit/thing? Jillian's outift did look really good and she said it smelled good too. She's still in my pick for final 3 too.
Kevin, you know, the straight guy, made a nice looking outfit, it didn't receive much attention but I liked it that's why I included it above, #3. Silver Kisses wrapper bodice and brown fabric from a chocolate pillow for a skirt and bolero.

Christian had tons of peanutbutter cups and he saved the brown cup wrapper and threw everything else out. There was a trash can FULL of peanut butter cups, what a waste! His dress was the last one above and he glued the brown wrappers all over the dress. It seemed kind of blah when he was making it, because you know how dull those brown wrappers are. But the dress looked really good on the runway, the wrappers gave off a subtle shimmer. It was one of my favorites even though you tend to think of brighter colors when you think of candy. #4 above.

SweetP started one dress, and then trashed it and made another. She had a white tissue circle skirt layed out on the floor and Tim said that it looked like a maxi pad! Tim Gunn said MAXI PAD! I think it's funny when anyone says maxi pad, but Tim Gunn? Hilarious. Yes my humour can be kind of dumbass sometimes.
The judges praised Chris on the runway for his Hershey wrapper corset and mini skirt. Victorya made her model walk down the runway with her hands sticking out weirdly, and the judges didn't like the walk or her dress. Kit made a very shiny punk looking outfit out of KitKat & Hershey's wrappers. Ricky, ahh, I barely remember him from this episode. He made a Hershey label bubble skirt with silver bodice.

It was obvious from early on in the challenge that Elisa was going to be the one to go. This was the week that she told the story about how she had been seriously injured after being hit by a car and now she wanted to really do something with her second chance at life. The editors are just so predictable now. Remember when Malan told us about how his mother was negative about his interest in design and that he had no friends as a child? He won us over, we loved him, and he got the boot in that episode. Unfortunatley before Elisa got the boot, we had to see the bottoms of her dirty feet while she was working on her dress. I could have done without the dirty feet. She made a brown dress with silver puffs on the arms and a little color trim. I thought she would have used more color in this challenge. I was expecting to see something way over the top, but this was, as the judges called it, a Sad Brown Dress. Bye-bye Elisa. You know, I felt really disappointed that she was the one to go. I had really grown to like her and her quirky ways.

See Blogging Project Runway for photos of all of the dresses.

OH! I almost forgot. There was quick scene of Chris sleeping in the lounge. His face was kind of scrunched up, his mouth was open and his tongue was sticking out a little and he snored. He reminded me so much of Boris, he sleeps the same way!


Julie The Vintage Goddess said...

I was surprised that Jillian (whom I do not like, but always seems to make a fresh, cute design) did not win since she made a fun outfit that was actually made with candy.

It was a fun episode and Chris's dress, while not fun, was quite wonderful.

Julie The Vintage Goddess said...

Forgot to say I agree about Princess's dress. It really was lovely once you saw it on the runway. It amazes me each week how fast he knocks out a design and how confident he is.

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