Vintage pretty ladies

I love pretty vintage ladies (who doesn't?) Here are a few gals from my collection.
First, probably my favorite girl, I bought her on ebay awhile back. She's from the 1920s and she is on a stand because she was suppose to be a hat stand. How could anyone put a hat on her though, then you couldn't see how pretty she is! She came to me nude with just her silver shoes. Her face is composition and body is cloth. I made her clothing out of some old black silk lace and teal silk. Her shawl is a collar from a ladies blouse. The necklace is some beaded trim from a long-gone-falling-apart flapper dress that I had. Her hair is original. I love her smokey make-up.

Next are two boudoir dolls. Both were missing their original clothing, but their faces were great. I put red mohair on the one girl (looking a little messy right now because some bad dog grabbed her and tried to make her his own toy, Thank goodness her head didn't pop in his mouth) The dark hair girl has her original hair which is real. I made both of their outfits. One is a black satin pajama set and robe, made of new fabric. The soft teal dress is actually a damaged lace dress from the 1950s. It has cord trim and rhinestones on it.

Here are some fair haired girls.
To the left is another bed doll, bought bald and naked, but with a pretty face. I replaced her hair with some golden mohair and made her a gown from some vintage peach lingerie satin. The laces were trims from old lingerie that was dry rotted and so were the beaded appliques.
Next to her are two composition half dolls, one on a green silk pincushion and the other wearing just a little pink velvet trim.

Below is another half doll and an original box that a half doll came in. Then is kind of frazzeled looking pincushion doll with a tattered bonnet and a chip on her nose. She came from a house clean out.

This little lady is a Storybook doll, not sure which one though.

Finally, this embroidery is not old, but her frame is. I did the counted cross stitch, it's one of those great Mirabilia patterns. I use to cross stitch when I had free time (before the internet) I probably did her about 9 years ago. She sat for a long time, waiting for me to find the perfect frame for her. I found the frame last year digging out in our garage. The frame was in the garage for about 20 years (I found all kinds of good stuff that my parents had stashed out in the garage) The fancy wood trim had rotted off of the bottom edge of the frame from setting for so long, so I got out the hot glue gun and glued some flowers along the bottom of the frame.
She nice and big too, the embroidery is about 16x20 and the frame is a few inches bigger. They were a perfect match. Don't you love it when things end up going together like they were made for each other?

Bye for now, Carol


Marcelle said...

I LOVE the dolls!! They look kind of dark and gothic...their faces are so cute. I had never really had the chance to see vintage dolls...thanks for sharing the pics!

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Thanks for posting! It's nice to know that someone else besides me and Alison from Vintage Wardrobe is reading my blog! I'll be sharing more photos of some of the collectibles from around our house.