Some recent vintage outifts and cool socks

1/20/13 - I had a lot of fun wearing these striped socks from Sock Dreams. 1940s shoes, 1960s skirt. I was too cool!
Shoes were an etsy purchase, skirt came from a vintage stock purchase. (A 'vintage stock purchase' is when I buy a big lot of vintage all at once from an estate or dealer)

1/27/13 - 1960s striped skirt, 1940s herringbone/plaid jacket, vintage purse and pin, newish shoes and another pair of fun over-the-knees from Sock Dreams.
I may have pushed it throwing the tapestry purse into the pattern mix, but what the hell.
Jacket came from a church yard sale, skirt and purse were from vintage stock purchases, shoes from etsy.

2/3/13 - 1940s Dark Blue sweater and skirt set (love!) 1940s suede shoes, 1960s carpet bag purse and another pair of socks from Sock Dreams (no, they aren't paying me to showcase their socks, I'm just obsessed) These are knee highs and I wore over black tights, that keeps them up pretty well. The photo was taken after I got home, so hair is courtesy of Gus and Harlow greeting me when I got home.
Sweater set was an ebay purchase, purse and shoes were from vintage stock purchases.

Bye for now, Carol

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