Cleaning and rearranging my bedroom

I had the urge Friday to clean and do some rearranging in my bedroom, so I might as well photograph my accomplishemnt and show it off!

Below is a little display of stacked vintage suitcases and hatboxes, along with some of my boudoir dolls.  1940s Plaid jacket ( My very favorite piece of vintage clothing) is hanging nearby.

1930s silk kimono hangs over my bed and I've tried to pretty-up the tv, but no use, it's still a big black box.

This china cabinet came out of a house in Strathmere that was going to be torn down. I use it to display all my old Strathmere items - advertisements, photos, postcards etc.
The board on the floor that says 'prepaid Gus Wittkamp' was found under the floorboards in the attic of our house in Strathmere. It's from an old delivery crate from before the 1930s.
Yes, we named our doggie Gus after Gus Wittkamp, he built our house in 1902.

Some more of my boudoir dolls and a few Kewpies. I made the dresses for the boudoir dolls with vintage fabrics. The one on the left was a 1950s blue lace dress that was stained and torn.
The large oval photo is Addie Harrison. She is the mother of Florence, who is the girl with the head scarf in my website logo.

This lamp I bought on ebay about 10 years ago. It's a Victorian vase that was converted into a lamp, probably in the 1940s. I bought a new lampshade and covered it with rayon tulle fabric from a damaged piece of 1930s lingerie and some antique crochet lace.

This is just a cheap little shelf that I picked up at a house clean out. I brushed a little paint on it to try to make it look a little older. It houses some of my smalls - mermaids, half dolls, paper items, compacts, etc.


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Dolly Von Sucre said...

Hi! Just found your blog and got hooked! I love your wonderful furniture and vintage decorations. Those dolls are amazing! Fantastic taste!