Vintage textile lust

I love vintage fabrics and linens, and I have a bunch of pieces displayed for my own enjoyment around my office. Here is a peek at some of them.
First, I have a huge Victorian laundry drying rack that's 4 sections and about 6 feet tall. I have it covered with this quilt top in one section and some barkcloth on the 3 other sections. It functions as a great room divider between my computer and the stock area of Dandelion Vintage.
Below is a closer view of the quilt top. I love feedsack fabric, but then who doesn't?

Below is kind of a full shot of the drying rack with the quilt and the barkcloth, along with some of my dress forms.

I love this barkcloth, I bought it on ebay about 10 years ago for about $40. I have 3 big pieces of yardage, each is probably 5 yards long. Plus 2 shorter panels. My plan is to make curtains for Strathmere with it. There will be sheers in the livingroom in the Summer and these will be nice bright curtains for Winter.

Next is a great piece of border fabric, probably 1920s or older. I bought it at the Columbus flea market about 9-10 years ago. Briefly used as curtains in my diningroom, now they hang on a shorter drying rack which displays smaller pieces of my fabrics.

Here is one of my embroidered ladies. This is a dresser scarf. Love it. You can never have too many embroidered ladies. I love the black heart on the back of her shoulder.

These are a hankie, a silk scarf and a peachy velvet dresser scarf. Pretties.

I also collect vintage boudoir pillows, mostly ones with embroidered ladies on them, also ones made from yo-yos and petals of fabric scraps and pretty laces.

Here is my fabulous and very heavy chaise lounge, it's in front of the shorter drying rack and my other fabrics. On the chaise is a huge green silk 1920-30s drape. Only one drape, and it's starting to split in spots so it can never be hung, but it's perfect over the top of the chaise. My pillows are on the chaise too, along with a Bates spread.

More pretty ladies -


Anonymous said...

Carol, if I ever have the privilege of visiting your home, for your own good, do not leave me unattended for even one tiny second.

Jen O said...

What fun pieces, I can see you really have a good eye for textile designs and unique prints (looking forward to seeing more!)

Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

These are wonderful Carol. I particularly love your vintage cushions which are so chic. It's inspired me to start my own collection. :-)

Sonia said...

everything is so gorgeous!

Hosanna said...

LOVE the applique/embroidered lady in the last photo. I am an embroiderer myself; so I have a "thing" for embroidered linens. You have a FABULOUS collection!

sam said...

this is awesome. really magnificent photos.

The Dreamstress said...

OOoh...lovely! I'm so worried about displaying most of my textiles because of light damage. How do you deal with that?

Also, it's really interesting seeing the images of women in US textiles - here is NZ you get very few 'saucy' women, it's mostly girls in crinolines, with a few Mexican senorita's scattered in. Do you specifically pick more 'sophisticated' looking women, or is that just what is available?

littmann stethoscope said...

Hey Carol,

So obvious that you definitely love embroidered ladies, eh. And these fabrics indeed look so vintage. I love the designs and their prints. Wow! Amazing.

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Hi everyone, Thanks for the nice comments! I'll have to another post with more of my textiles.

The textiles in this post are in my office were I work on my vintage. There are two ceiling lights and no direct sunlight on them, so I haven't been worried about exposure to light, nothing shines too brightly on them.

I favor the 1920-30s gals and I'm a big fan of the Vogart kits that were popular during that time. Some of my pillows were probably Vogarts. I tend to pass on the crinoline girls.

I'd love to find some old embroideried of bulldogs.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I agree with the first comment - not one second!! hehe:)) xo