Old 8MM Home movies - part 1

My Dad wanted to get our old 8mm home movies transfered to DVD, so I had it done for him for Christmas. The DVDs came this past week and we were very happy with them and had a great time watching them. Now we're pulling out old VHS home movies and are going to transfers to DVD!

The company that I chose to do the 8mm was Just8MM.com . I checked out several services and they had the most reasonable price to do it. We had 29 3-inch reels transfered to DVD, plus an extra copy made, and it cost $230.00.
Now, some companies offer extra services where you can edit the films online before they send you the finished DVD and some places will transfer the films to a hard drive for you to edit the films at home yourself. Most of those services cost $100 or more extra. But I didn't want to invest too much money because I wasn't sure of the condition of our films. Now I kinda wish that I had gone with the hard drive version because then I'd be able to upload the videos to Youtube or Facebook, you know, spread the embarrassment of old home movies. So that's something that you might want to consider if you want to have your films transfered.
Anyway, the films turned out great, much better than watching them on an old projector and much better than when we had them transfered to VHS 20 years ago. I played the DVD on my computer and grabbed a few images, not the best quality, but still fun.

This is my Mom, when she was pregnant with me. A rare photo because she hated to have her photo taken (a trait that I have inherited from her) The dog is our bassett puppy Hannibel. My Dad used to go hunting and he took the dog with him. On one hunting trip, some guy shot Hannibel by accident. I was a very young then, so I don't remember him.

 Below is Christmas 1968? I think that this was my 2nd Christmas. I am overwhelmed by all my toys. I can see a baby stroller, my own table and chairs and just before this was my rocking chair, which I still have. It's an antique now I guess!

This photo is from the same Christmas.

I had aspirations of being a Cow Girl and an acrobat.

Ah, my first car, and red too! Yes, those are all my presents. I was an only child.

I don't know what's up with my hair here! My Mom always set my hair in curlers Christmas Eve for when we went to see family on Christmas Day. Probably 1970.

I also wanted to be a 'Baton Ba-twirler'. That's quite a short dress for December! This is probably 1971

More photos to come . . .

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Christene said...

omg Carolt his is great what a cutie u are :) thanx for sharing sweetie :) I want to do the same wiht my 8mm films form my parents :)
xoxox Christie