My happy Shoe, Stockings, Skirt combo

Just indulge me. I was so happy with my shoe, stockings and skirt combo today, that I had to take a picture and post it here.  Yeah, I can be a dork.
The skirt is part of a vintage sweater knit set. The stockings I've had for over 20 years so I guess they're kinda vintage too now. (Midway through the day I realized why I never wore them - they itch.)
The shoes are newish, I love the curvy heel.


Tante Patent said...

Gorgeous! Classy and fun at the same time. You were right to share your outfit, because it inspires me to wear something other than my usual black tights.

beste wishes,

Tante Patent

BaronessVonVintage said...

I think this looks fantastic!

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

I am an old school black opaque tights girl! So this is pretty different for me. I was just very happy in them today.

Bonita said...

Love this look...the shoes especially -- are they vintage or new? They just look like they would go with so many things -- thanks for posting!

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

The shoes are by Rush Hour. I bought them on etsy last year. The seller was calling them vintage, but I knew that they weren't They were probably made in the last 10 years or so. But they have such a cool look.