I wish that I had time to sew - vintage dress patterns

These are 4 patterns that I kept for myself from the big lot of patterns that I bought a few weeks back. These are what I've kept so far I should say because I havne't been through them all yet. And 'Kept For now' I should also say because I never have time to do any sewing for myself anymore.


Twila Jean said...

OMGOSH! That first ones on the top left!?!?!!! AMAZING.
if you do decide to sell.. let me know, so me and Solanah can make that! hahahahaha. amazing.

(I feel you though, I sew one thing a month, tops... so little time.)

One Second Needle said...

Thanks for this post exploring some vintage dress patterns and discussing how busy life can be. There never seems to be enough hours in one day!