Purses for me!

Last week a made a great little stock purchase with about 30 late 1950s to early 60s cocktail dresses, mostly unworn with store tags still on them. Included in the buy were several cute purses, some of those still had tags on them too. I kept 8 of them for myself!

First, this brown and tweedy purse is a close match for a pair of my shoes, so I had to keep that purse.

Then this cooly shaped dark red purse is a perfect match for these shoes too, how could I let it go to someone else. Plus the tab closure is about to break on the purse, so I couldn't sell it like that, could I? I had to keep (even though I don't know if I can squeeze all of my crap into it)

You can never have too many black faille purses! Plus I really need a burgundy suede purse.

The other two were just too cute to resell. The green one is actually green and pink.

And these two, I have already put to good use this week. I think the green is my favorite.


Lisa said...

Ooh, I love that red handbag!

jessica said...

That green and pink bag is amazing!!

kim11 said...


When I carefully picked it up the weight of it was heavy in my hands. It has a draw string opening, though I can't see that the beaded handle could have supported the weight of the beads for very long. I left the shop with the first of my collection and a passion to find more companions for my new Purses.