Everything Austen II Book review - Mr. Knightley's Diary

Mr. Knightley's Diary - by Amanda Grange.
The story of Emma, told from Mr. Knightley's perspective. I liked it, it was a good casual read. I've always been a little annoyed by Emma, with her know it all meddling and snobbery. But you see her with a bit more caring from Mr. Knightley's point of view in this book. He sees her faults, but he can brush them aside, get over his anger at her and still slowly realize that he is in love with her. You can see it as it happens throughout the book, but it takes him a awhile to realize his true feelings. Even though you already know the outcome of the story, it is still enjoyable getting to it.
Mr. Knightley in Emma always seemed more like a background charactor at times. He's not a stand out charactor like Mr. Darcy or Captain Wentworth and you don't really long to know more about him like Colonel Brandon. This book didn't add any interest to him either. He maintains his estate, goes on business trips, visits his brother and goes to see Emma. He's no deep, brooding mystery. But like I said, I did enjoy the book and it may have even made me like Emma herself a little more.
Amanda Grange has written several 'Diaries' - I read Mr. Darcy's, which I also enjoyed, and next on my list to read will be Captain Wentworth's Diary.

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Meredith said...

Great review! The Austen men series by Amanda Grange are wonderful yet sometimes I feel not as detailed as I'd like. My favories are Captain Wentworth's Diary and Colonel Brandon's because she adds a backstory and more depth to their lives.

If you like Mr. Knightley you may want to try reading Barbara Cornthwaite's Charity Envieth Not, it is two-parter but gives so much more detail and interest to Mr. Knightley's life!

I look forward to your review of Captain Wentworth's Diary!

Shannon said...

I'm a fan of Amanda Grange, too! I've read this one, Mr Darcy's Diary, Colonel Brandon's Diary... Darcy's was my favorite. And I have Capt Wentworth's Diary on my list for the Challenge!

Mr Darcy, Vampyre is really good, too.