4th of July weekend and vintage laundry

I'm in Strathmere for the 4th of July weekend. But on Thursday I made a large purchase of vintage stock, with many things that need to be handwashed. So along with my own clothing and food, I packed a bag of laundry to bring with me for the weekend, which included several 1940-50s day dresses and Victorian/Edwardian whites.

Whites soaking in some Biz and a dash of bleach.
And below are the whites after hanging out to dry in the seashore sunshine. These are children's dresses.

Next I washed the day dresses and hung those out to dry too.

Then I took my morning walk on the beach. I saw this gal heading out to sea (I'm assuming that it was a gal because she was nicely accessorised)

And I added a few selections to my Pretty Stones Collection.
This afternoon I'll be doing some more soaking and hanging while I also do aome sunbathing.


Hatfeathers Vintage said...

Something about those dresses in the wind just looks like happiness!

Love the sea critter, so chic!

The Vintage Link said...

The whites look gorgeous!! I have a ton of vintage laundry to do myself! Thanks for the reminder! Your way for some reason looks more fun! :)

CiaoBellaDesign said...

This post reminds me of the guys at the Marina across the street from me. The one guy was out and about one day and a lady offered him a vintage washing machine......it works!! She did not want it anymore. I have to take a picture of it and post it. They use it all the time! It is so cool!


i hate ugly said...

vintage laundry is awesome. And this variety looks awesome and looks gorgeous too.

Cami @ Cheap Dresses said...

Nice rocks. Is that red stone called "jasper?"