I want it! Very cool Vintage Diving Swimsuit Mannequin

She is so awesome. I've never seen anything like her. Currently On auction at Ebay - with a starting bid of $1500.00

She actually should go on a stand, hands down, feet straight up in the air like a real dive. This was how she was displayed when the current sellers bought her.


Della said...

That is so cool!

tiddleywink said...

So graceful! So beautiful.

Shrinky Inky said...

wow, that's magnificent!

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous! I like the way she's displayed with the net around her, it makes me think of a mermaid swimming around and getting caught in a fishing net and pulled out. I can't really imagine her on her hands like you've described.

Lisa said...

I love her! I have a vintage Jantzen mannequin but she isn't diving! This one is exceptional!

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Dave said...


Glamoursurf said...

I want her so bad it hurts!