Hummingbirds entertain me while I work.

This is my first Summer with my office up here in this room. My desk is pushed right up to the window so that I can look out into the back yard while I work. I bought another hummingbird feeder that sticks to the window, and it hangs about 2 feet above my computer screen. So I get to watch the hummingbirds come for a drink all day, while I work. They've become alot more active the past few days, so there have been fights and scuffles (hummingbirds are feisty and very territorial) They've bumped up against the window while fighting. So small, so tough. So much fun.

It's hard to photograph them, especially through the window, but here are two rough shots so that you can get an idea of how close they are to me.


Lisa said...

This is great! I'm a Jersey girl too. I grew up in Barnegat and spent some of my High School years in Middletown/Red Bank area. Living in the Atlanta area now, I really miss the beach this time of year!

Darla: Retro Ways said...

What a beautiful setting for your desk. I never knew that about them that they were aggressive.....very interesting. ♥