Vintage for me!

Some recent goodies that I bought with Christmas money. First - two awesome-sweet purses that are waaaaaaaaaaytoo small to hold all my crap. I've recently tried to minimize what I carry in my purse but I still can't ditch the 'What if' items. You know, the things that you feel the need to carry just in case you might need them. 'What if' I go out without aspirins, sinus pills, chapstick, throat lozenges, peppermint patties and assorted personal items. What if I suddenly get hit with a headache, sinus pain, chapped lips, sore throat, upset stomach, my period and explosive diarrhea all at once and I don't have my stuff?
Anyway, I have to find a way to squeeze it all into these tiny purses. The first is needlepoint, the second is red straw with seashells.

Summer where are you?! I need you so that I can wear these super cute 40s day dresses, my favorite type of dresses. Cotton, cute print, comfy. I'm thinking that I need some yellow shoes to wear with dress #2.

Next are 3 tailored jackets. I got a few others that didn't fit, so they'll be going up for sale on the website. It's very convenient to be able to sell what I buy for myself if it doesn't fit. But I'd rather have it fit me really. Anyway, these 3 are keepers. Fitted, thin or no shoulder pads, nice details. I can't wear thick shoulder pads or else I look like I have a little pinhead.

The above items all came from ebay. Good prices too, now is the time to be checking out ebay, remember that there are still good items being offered by good sellers there.
The items below came from etsy. First is a beach theme charm bracelet with fish, shells, starfish etc. Super cute. Kind of an Auntie Mame bracelet though. You remember in the movie when she got a bit part in a play with Vera, and she wore that loud jangley bracelet? That's how this one sounds.
Next is a big beach towel with the print of a vintage Jantzen swimsuit ad. Lastly is a little hand towel with an embroidered mermaid, very sweet. Again, where is Summer?

This morning we had to take Boris to the vet. He's been sounding congested, so we took him in for antibiotics, don't want him getting sick like he was earlier this year. Besides the occasional congested sound he seems fine, up and playing with Harlow as usual.