Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It's big deal in Jersey because it's the official start of Summer here! and I'm at the shore for the weekend.
On Friday we went to an antique dealer's pole barn to see a china cupboard. We didn't buy the cupboard, but I nosed around and spotted this cool old wicker desk. I also went through a few bags of textiles and got some slips, smalls and this cool vintage beach towel -
The desk has already been scrubbed, stained and squeezed into the cottage here, with my laptop on top and the sewing machine tucked underneath, waiting for me to use it to sew all those dresses that I promised it I would be sewing. I put the towl over the cedar chest that's in the kitchen. Yeah, there's a cedar chest in the kitchen. There's no storage here, so I need the chest and there's just nowhere else to put it.

Here's the wall in the livingroom of the cottage. Decorated with framed vintage images that I copied, and a hatbox that I hung on the wall with a hat on top.

Two more hatboxes hung with the tops open and my mermaid dolls stuck inside of them. I thought this was a pretty clever idea!

OK, I ended up buying anoher vintage cover for my sofa cushions. I am happy with the final results.

Finally, I looooooove the way my table looks in the kitchen. I still have to paint two of the chairs and the white underneath of the table. Plus I am going to pinstripe the chairs. I keep looking in there and loving it. But now, the carpet in there looks crappy next to the pretty table. The floor will be a project for next year, because I don't have the time now that Summer has started (or the money)

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