Vintage in the sun

This Monday, I took advantage of the beautiful weather that we've been having here, to scrub out the sunporch. It had been closed up for the winter with everything just stacked up out there. I took everything out, scrubbed the deck floor with some bleach and also scrubbed down the tables and wicker chairs. While I was outside on the deck, I got buzzed by a hummingbird! We spotted the first one on Sunday, which strangely was the same date that we saw the first hummingbird last year (4/22) I'm glad that at least one is back.
After everything was dry and set back in the sunporch, it was time to do some vintage work. Since it was so nice out, I decided to do the photos out there too. So for Monday's update, you'll be seeing day dresses and a few other dresses, out in the sunporch. Here are a few of the photos. The background almost looks fake, but that really is our back yard. No one lives behind us, it's 1000s of acres of wood back there. It's a beautiful view to watch when you sit out there for breakfast or after dinner, just to watch the wildlife activity out there.

So these are just a few sneak peek photos of what will be added to the website next Monday. Also, on Wednesday, I finally got to see that load of vintage (see previous posts) I woke up Wednesday morning with a migraine, of course. But after 4 reschedules, I didn't want to cancel the appointment. Getting that stock was more important than my head (see how I suffer to get you great vintage!) So when she called and said she really was on the way this time, I said that I would be ready! I don't think I ever sorted through a batch of vintage so quickly! After they left, I went to bed for the rest of the day.
I got about 6+ banana boxes full of vintage, mostly lingerie including slips in really great colors, 25 purses, 40 hankies, some gloves, and a few other odds-n-ends. I have to go through an inventory everything today, so I don't know how many total pieces there are. There were only 2 day dresses, which was disappointing because I really need some dresses. There will be more to come from this lady/load, and I suspect the bulk of it will be lingerie and purses.
I'll post some preview photos later. This morning I have to get to the foodstore, the bank and Strathmere before I can get to work on the vintage.