Oh, come on! (of course it is a post about Project Runway)

This week's Project Runway challenge was to create an outfit inspired by a 'hot fashion trend' The hot trend turned out to be little dogs. Remember when dogs were just dogs, and the only people who carried around little dogs in bags were crazy old spinsters? I've actually always wanted to carry around a little dog, but I'll wait until the trend of skinny pseudo-celebs carrying them ends, and it just goes back to crazy spinsters with dogs (I aspire to be a crazy spinster)
Uli won, and I think that she deserved it. The style of her dress was really great and the two prints that she chose went together very well.

Angela. Please, the producers have lost their egos and minds if they still think that we are foolish enough to believe it when they say that thay don't keep some designers on the show because of the drama that they cause. If you read my previous blog, you know that I think she should have gone last week because she didn't do a sketch for the project and she was very unprofessional (no matter how wacky Vincent was) This week she made the most hideous outfit with a short taffeta vest-top and a super-short puffy skirt. They had to make up a story about the pretend woman that they were designing for, and Angela said that her gal worked as a camp counselor with 6 to 9 year old kids. What? Wearing something so vulgar (I'm stealing that word from Michael Kors' vocabulary) even Paris Hilton wouldn't wear it. (Did I just say the 'P' word?) But she's staying and Katherine was sent home.
Katherine made a very simple but cute strappy dress with shades of green (you know I love green) over the bust. The judges thought it was too plain and the hems of the chiffon layers were crooked. It was still pretty and much more wearable than Angela's puff-tart teenage prostitute outfit.

Bradley fussed over his outfit and changed it several times. He finally sent out a very boring two piece taffeta looking set that the judges raived over for some unknown reason (I guess boring is now innovative)

Keith had a temper tantrum because Laura told him not to use Michael's machine (again, the misleading previews made this look like Laura & Keith were going to have a confrontation, but it was very minor, and she was joking about it really) Then he pouted because he didn't win the competition. Part of the challenge was to also design an outfit for the dog. He thought that was silly so he didn't make anything for the dog, which is why he lost. He tried to say that he made the collar, but they called him out on that.

Alison and Michael had outfits that looked like they were really fantastic. But as always, they do the runway so fast that you barely get a good look at the outfits. Laura, what is her problem with touching the dog? She didn't like working with the dog very much, but her outfit was nice as was Robert's. Kayne's outfit remined me of something Nick would have done last season, and Jeffery made me think of Santino. Not that they are copying, but they have similar design ideas to the previous guys.
Vincent, what year is it? His outfit made me feel like I was back working in the Mall circa late 1980s again.

Next week is the big scandal that the previews have been hinting about for weeks. But if the deceptive editing that we've seen so far this season is any clue, the 'big scandal' is probably going to be a big let down. There are stories online about Keith faking drawings in his audition portfolio, and now there's a story that Kayne told a friend that he had won the Miss USA challenge during the taping of the show. But I don't know if either rumor is the scandal.

You can try to see Bravo's horrible, tiny photos of the runway designs here -

Now designers, how about making something for a real dog like my sweet Boris. He probably weighs as much as all of those little dogs put together!


Rachel said...

I love Project Runway! I have similar emotions and feelings as you especially with Angela. What is up with all the stupid rosettes? I saw the previews for the next episode for this Wednesday where she again wants to add the little rosettes to the garment! Bradley's design was very boring- how he pulled it off with camel/butterscotch colored shirt and cornflowerish blue skirt is beyond me. I liked Katherine's outfit and I think it said a lot about who the person is and what type of dog she owned. Her design was believable unlike Kayne's over the top 'Only in Texas' wearing outfit! Well I'm excited to watch on Wednesday! By the way, I saw your purse on Wardrobe Refashion. Loved it.

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