Little dresses inspired by Vintage

I made this cute little dress as one of my weekend projects. It's about 7 inches, and I made the little wire hanger too, so that I can hang it on the wall. I had so much fun making the dress, that I made several more of them out of some fabrics and trim scraps that I have. They are up for sale on the New Crafty Page , along with some of my handpainted hat boxes. The little dresses that I've made so far are 1950s to early 60s style dresses, mostly full skirts. This weekend, I have plans to try making some Edwardian and 1920s style dresses too.

My thoughts on image theft. People seem to think that because an image is on a public website, that it is free for the taking. This is not true, especially for copyrighted images and artwork. You need either written permission or you need to pay a fee for the rights to use an image. To take an image from a website to use on your own website is wrong. Then to lie when confronted about it is even more wrong, especially when it is so obvious. Someone took an image from my site and used it on their own site. This person was foolish to think that I wouldn't see the site myself or that one of my customers wouldn't spot it and tell me about it. The person was also foolish because we could have been friends. I would have gladly made a similar image for her to use if she had asked. We could also have exchanged website links. But instead she chose to take something that wasn't hers, which doesn't use much creativity or integrity.

(ps, the images on my own site are ones that I either made myself, own, or are royalty-free)


tony's dog supplies said...
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Alison said...

Do people not realise how much thought, time and effort goes into creating a website? You know Carol, because it's a website, I think that sometimes they don't even think of the person behind it. I know how hard you work on yours so pinching images without even asking is just not on. At the end of the day, what goes around, comes around.
Hey, your miniture frocks are ADORABLE! Quick - copyright them! I think that they'd also looks great on the front of greetings cards or hanging in rows from a line a little like the shabby chic bunting you can buy. I am handing the above ideas over to you to do with them what you will.
Enjoy the beach this weekend. Huge thunderstorms here today. It's all VERY dramatic!

blogsurfer said...
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Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

What's with the sudden influx of post spammers? People, don't waste your time, your spam posts are deleted immediately if they don't relate to the topic.

Hi Alison, Thanks as always for your support. If I had a shop with a sign out front and someone took the sign and hung it on their store, that would be stealing wouldn't it? I don't understand why people think that on the internet it is somehow different. I guess that they don't expect to get caught.
I'm going to steal all of your ideas! Actually I had thought of doing a window treatment (during my brief time as a homeowner) with those little vintage crochet potholder dresses on a clothesline across the window. I didn't have enough of them though.

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