Kind of creepy, naughty vintage Santas

We have a collection of vintage Christmas stuff that is out on display year round in the entrance way of our house. Lots of old fancy Christmas balls, some felt and celluloid Santas, pinecone elves and bottlebrush trees.
These 4 Santas sit on top of an old cabinet with some other Christmas items, peering down at you as you walk by. They always look like they are up to something naughty or creepy.

This side glancing Santa is looking to see if anyone is watching him do his evil deeds. 
Why is his face so red? Did someone catch him being naughty?

He knows if you've been naughty or nice, but what has he been up to?

This guy looks a little drunk. Or judgement. Why is he laughing at me?!

Oh no! You've caught Santa being naughty!

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