Images from a vintage Franklin Simon catalog

Great images from an old Franklin Simon catalog from the late Teens.

Lovely kimono style robes. Dreamy.

Crepe de Chine and Georgette princess slips, bloomers and  and camisoles. Way more pretty and feminine than Victoria's Secret.

'Smartly simple frocks' 

'Frocks that forecast a bright Summer' - yes please.

Too many strapless gowns at modern award shows, they should be wearing dresses like these -

Stockings. Yes. One of each please.

Exquisite Paris made blouses -

For the Sporty Gals -

Swimsuits. Modesty is nice. But you don't want to swim in wool.


Jessica Cangiano said...

All of these fashions are undeniably awesome, yet it's the sporty styles that are calling to me the very most today. I think because I'm on the prowl for my vintage or vintage style items that will serve me well at the dog park. My Freddies jeans are great there, but I need a wee bit more variety - some of these charming styles might do the job! :)

♥ Jessica

*PS* You're sincerely welcome for the inclusion in my post on weekend. Your shop is top-notch and I'm very happy to have been able to give it some exposure.

Holly and Eddie said...

Fantastic post. Those sketches are just fabulous.