Recent estate sale purchases

A few weeks ago I picked up this old wicker lamp. The  sale was at the home of former antique dealers who obviously specialized in antique lamps - they had a basement full of antique lamps and lamp parts and fixtures.
First I found the wicker stem (green, yeah!)  then I sorted through boxes of sockets, plugs and shade holders to put the lamp together which was kinda fun. I got it all for $11.00.
My Dad can get it all together and  get the new plug working for me.
Then my mission became finding a shade for it.

This week we went to another big sale - yard, garage and a 4 story house loaded with all kinds of interesting antiques. No vintage clothing (none at the previous sale either) but lots to look at.

I've been wanting an antique desk chair for a few years now and I finally found one! Heavy maple wood, spins, height adjusts, upper back moves with your back. It was only $18. Bargain. It had no wheels when I bought it, but my Dad had a set for me. I sanded a few little paint spots, cleaned it, rubbed it with linseed oil and put a little stain in spots. Excellent. I'm sitting in it right now.

And, I also bought two newish mauve lampshades with fringe - lampshade goal achieved! 
This one will go nicely on my wicker lamp, I just want to find a way to age the shade a little, it looks a little too bright and new for the older chippy wicker base.


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