A vintage outfit from Dandelion Vintage on the new show Pan Am

In August I sold 40+ pieces of clothing, lingerie and jewelry to the costumers for the new ABC show Pan Am. I thought it would be later in the season before I spotted any of my clothing, but in episode 2, you can catch a very quick glimpse of a red cotton halter top and skirt from my website http://www.dandelionvintage.com/

Above are two screne grabs of the scene - the co-pilot takes a gal back to his Paris hotel room - and also a photo of the outfit from my website.

Very exciting! I'm looking forward to spotting more of my pieces. Pan Am airs on ABC Sunday nights.


BaronessVonVintage said...

that's so cooool to see the dress in action!!

madame butterfly said...

It´s so nice! I love vintage too and I'm really interested in Pan Am. If you ever want to visit me, this is my blog:



VintageLovingMom said...

Wow, that's amazing! I love the show and remember ogling the dress when that shot came up on screen. Congrats! I'm sure we will see much more of the lovely garments in the season!

If you want to drop by my little blog, feel free to do so!