Found in a vintage purse

I was photographing some vintage purses this week and found these items tucked in a brown clutch.

Some 1960s graduation photos.

A photo of a lady and a 'Scout Mother Membership' card for Agnes Keller in Woodlynne NJ, dated 1965

This is cool. A millinery club from Paris Hats Shop in Cherry Hill NJ. Get a free hat after you or family and friends buy 10 hats. Below is the back of the card to keep track of the purchases. Only one hat bought, in 1966.


Cranberry Morning said...

Cool! I had always thought I was just old. Now I realize that I'm 'vintage.' Way better!! ;-)

Hosanna said...

Wow that is an awesome find. :)

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Cool, I received this email about the id card -

'Hi Carol, I lived in Woodlynne NJ, attending Woodlynne Grammer in the 1950s and graduated from Collingswood High School in 1960. I attended grammer school and high school with a boy named Gary Keller, and am wondering if this is his mother. He lived on the next street from me and we knew each other well. Woodlynne is a tiny town, only about 1 square mile, if that. This must be the same person. Thanks for posting this, as it sure did bring back some memories from my childhood. I do enjoy your blog and website. '

kim said...

I love this!