Upscale Vintage from Boston

I made another vintage stock purchase this week. Many of the dresses appear to have come from upscale shops in Boston. One dress has a label from 'Jays' - see below. And included in the lot were the two cardboard dress insert shown above, which also came from Jays. It seems that they wrapped your purchase and put these inserts in the dresses to keep them from getting wrinkled. Those are going to be mine so don't bother looking for them on the website!

There are about 10 dresses in the lot with the label below - 'C. Crawford Hollidge Boston Wellesley'. They were upscale enough to even have their own hat boxes made, and I got 3 of those in the lot too.
Checking online for info about the shop, I found this blog post with many great images of the shop on Shopping Days In Retro Boston - RH Stearns was their competitor across the street and I also have a hat from there too.


Sarsaparilla said...

What a wonderful find! I can see why you've decided you're not going to give up the Jay's dress inserts.

I love vintage clothing tags, and solving the mystery behind them - don't you?

Lauraaa, said...

coool! :D