Time to pack away the boots and bring out my Summer Vintage shoes!

We had several warm days here this week, one day it hit 90! Yay Spring. So I very happily packed away my boots, they got alot of use this Winter, too much use. And I pulled out some of my Strappy Vintage Summer Shoes. Now, just a reminder, these are mine, mine, mine. They won't be for sale on the website.

OK, I lied. The black wedges below I actually wore during cold weather with black opaque stockings, so I didn't actually just unpack those. Yes, I do have a small foot. Size 6, but it is very wide, so I still have trouble finding shoes wide enough for them.

Summer, la la la-la! Don't strappy wedges make you happy?

These super strappy shoes will have to wait a few more months for wearing.

More wedges.

And here are a few Summery vintage purses. I've had the upright white one for a while. But the others are ones that I picked up this Winter.

Bring on the Summer!


melina bee said...

those light blue wedges are just darling! I know what you mean about small but wide feet-- in my casey you can add flat-footed to the mix too.
melina bee

Classical Vintage said...

cute! check out my new vintage website!

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This is really impressive. Good job.

bruce said...


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