This Sunday was the 'Annual Spring Unvailing of the Pastey Whitey-White Winter Legs'! You know, you're ready to wear Spring clothing, but the legs are still stuck in Winter mode. I've been out in dresses with stockings a few times this Spring, but this is the first bare legs day - shaved and moisturized!
I don't know why I felt compelled to photograph the Unvailing outfit, but here it is, pale legs and all.
Pants, shoes and purse are vintage. The top is new. Actually it was a dress that was too short for me, so I cut it down a little. The loafer shoes are my most frequently worn pair of shoes. They're the go-to shoes, the ones that go with everything, the ones you throw on when you can't decide which shoes to wear. Bought them a few months ago on ebay.

I'm in the process of clearing junk out of the tiny catch-all spare bedroom. I'm going to hang all my purses in there and spread out all my shoes. I have a nice variety of vintage shoes and purses, but if I can't see them, I end up wearing the same shoes and carrying the same purse all the time! So hopefully having accessories on view will remind me of the cute things that I have and enable me to put them to good use. Below is what I have done so far (I ran out of tacks to hang the purses) Winter shoes are packed up and Summer slingbacks on display.

Also did some rearranging in the stock room. I used to use the round rack in another room to hang unwashed clothing. But my Dad hung some long racks in the other room for those clothes, and the round rack came in here to loosen up the racks that hold the website stock.
Boxes are piling up with backstock. I bought 200 vintage hats this week (!) and they are taking up alot of space here now.


Beth said...

Wow!! You have tons of neat shoes, pocketbooks, and clothes. When I was in my 20s, I used to collect and sell vintage clothing at the Jersey Shore. Fun!!

MaryDeluxe said...

Cute outfit...and wow you are so organized!

miss vintage love said...

I agree, very cute outfit!

Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

My stock room I do keep organized, but personal stuff gets messy, tossed and pushed around after awhile.