Killing or Wasting time

This morning I'm kind of pokey getting to work. I have my regular vintage work to do, and some things around the house need to be done since I was sick for a few days. I just ran the vacuum, with the help of Boris who is in love with the vacuum (I call her his 'girlfriend') he gets all wiggly when you get her out of the closet. I have some laundry and mopping to do too. I don't want to start any projects, because I'm waiting for my Dad to get back from the shore (any minute now) so that we can run to Lowes and the carpet store to get some stuff. Plus it's snowing right now (I thought Spring was just around the corner?) So instead of working, I'll do a little blogging to fill the time.

This post has a few pictures that I snapped here and there. To the left is a rocking chair that I got for Christmas when I was about 4-5 years old (so it's an antique!) I can just about squeeze my hips into it now. Some of my favorite hatboxes are stacked behind it with a few fairies and a photo of my sweet old gal Ms. Fatty.
To the right is a close up of my curtains, a fabric that I love. Kind of a twill, barkcloth era, bought on ebay a few years ago. There were only 2 panels though. I would have loved to have gotten more of it. Limited supply is the pain of loving vintage fabrics.

This is one of my favorite pins. My Mom bought it, probably 20 years ago, at some yard sale somewhere. She bought loads of costume jewelry when she used to go yardsale-ing. I never had the patience for yardsales. All that driving, you may have to go to 10 or so before you find one with good stuff. Nowadays you don't find as much old stuff as you used to. Probably because everyone is selling their stuff on ebay. Anyway, I wore this pin for many years on a vintage military jacket that I had. I was in my early 20s and I thought the contrast of the lady's hand with flowers worn on an Army coat was clever.

So, the show Heroes, I'm totally hooked, darn-it. I don't watch many shows regularly, and I was reluctant to get involved in watching another show (I'm still recovering from the dismal decline of the X-Files) But this show is really good, and it had me yelling and jumping around like the X-Files used to, when it was a great show (yeah, I'm a geek, so what)
I'm still hanging in there with the Gilmore Girls, even though that has been in decline for the past year. Luke & Lorelei are suppose to get back together, so I'm at least hanging in to see that. The pouty, self-centered brattyness of Lorelei and Rory is even worse now though, and I think it's obvious that the creators of the show are gone. Last night Lane had her babies, and where was Rory? pouting with her bratty boyfriend of course.
Another new show that I started watching is The Closer with Kyra Sedgewick. For two reasons, first reason is that Kyra was on my soap opera Another World, many years ago when she was about 16-17 years old. She played Julia, she had a crush on the married-many-times Jamie Frame. I think she was killed by the local serial killer. The 2nd reason for watching is the vintage 1940s suit jackets that she wears on the show (many bought on ebay) I like the show, it's not as graphic as those other murder shows, which I refuse to watch. She's good in it, and I like her Southern accent.

OK, so now I'm going to try to get myself to go do some work!


Amy said...

I do like your things especially the brooch :-)
howz your pooch?

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