Christmas fairies, Doggie presents and leopard pants!

I hope that everyone had a nice Holiday! We made it through alright here. We have always opened our presents on Christmas Eve, so now we also have the turkey on Christmas Eve too. Boris had a very fun Christmas, and you can watch the video below to see him open one of his presents. He loves boxes and presents and loves to rip them open. We had to put him in the other room while we opened our gifts, then we have to hide our presents so that he wouldn't get into them when we let him back into the room!

I received a fairy from each of my grandmom's this year. Above is a pretty one from grandmom #1. I really like this one because she has her feet in a seashell, and there is sandy beach under the shell. You know that I love the shore. It has clear plastic that looks like water inside of the shell, very pretty.
To the right is from grandmom #2, it's a pretty fairy behind a looking glass, and she hangs from a stand. I've never seen one like this before. I like mermaids and fairies.

In between Christmas festivities, I did a little sewing for myself. I bought a new sewing machine, so I had to break it in. Nothing fancy, $60 from WalMart. It does straight and zig-zag stitching, which is all that I use. I made this little rag doll with a dress made from 1950s fabric and vintage ribbons. She's also wearing nylon panties and a lace petticoat. I made her neck too long and alien-like so I stitched it to shorten it, then I had to camoflauge the stitches with a tiny pearl necklace. I embroidered her face and gave her a strawberry blonde hairstyle made from mohair.

Last week I mentioned that the first item that I ever sold on my website was a pair of faux fur leopard pants. I bought a jacket from a seller on ebay last week, and when I went to leave her positive feedback, I checked out her other auctions, and guess what she currently has listed - Faux Leopard Fur Pants - they look identical to the pair that I sold 9 years ago! I thought that was so funny, I've never seen another pair like them. I doubt they are the same ones though. Mine sold to a gal in NY and this gal is in CA.

Now for your viewing pleasure, a short clip (48 seconds) of Boris ripping open one of his presents. This was the 2nd gift that he opened, and you can hear by the panting that he was already tired out, he gets so excited.


miss vintage love said...

Congrats on your new sewing machine!
I couldn't live without one:)

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