Project Runway - Update a Fashion Icon

First let me say, Thank goodness we finally got to see some of Michael's personality and his garment! He's been kept in the background for weeks now.
This week's challenge was to update a Fashion Icon. Usually, the designers pick the models, but this week the models got to pick the designers that they wanted to work with. The models also got to choose which fashion icon they would be by wrestling each other for the photo of their desired icon. Some of the models appeared to actually think about the designers that they would work with and chose their icons perfectly for their designers. Some models just ended up with whoever was left over.
Laura did Kate Hepburn, which was a perfect choice for her. Classic pants and blouse, much like the way Laura dresses herself.
Uli did Diana Ross in a long halter gown made of a wild purple print. It looked liked something that Ms Ross would wear today, her people are probably phoning PR right now.
Alison did Farrah Fawcett. Now, Farrah is def an Icon, but I don't think that she is specifically a 'Fashion icon' she's known for her hair, and maybe for a red swimsuit, but no other fashion. I think the producers could have chosen better (no insult to Farrah) Alison appeared confused too and ended up making some hippie babydoll with metallic trim.
But Alison didn't have to worry about getting the boot because jinkies Scoob! Bradley got Cher! He sat in a mumbling daze for awhile, and then produced a puffy silver metallic crop top and white pants with fringe down the front (Apparently for Cher's Space Age Indian phase) Bradley and his beard got the boot in the end.
Stepping into the shoes left behind by 'villian' Keith is Jeffrey, who got Madonna. I don't know if Jeffrey thinks he's the new villian or if the producers are making him look that way. But we were treated to alot of rude DB comments from him last night. Although I do agree if Angela messed up the machine, she should have fixed it instead of using someone else's machine. So, the Madonna outfit was this chunky corset dress with a puffy bubble skirt. Nothing that Madonna would have worn. Maybe in her very early struggling days, if you paid her. He should have done something that she would have worn now instead of rehashing the 80s bustier look.
Robert. I was excited when I heard that someone who use to design for Barbie was going to be on this season. But the last 2 outfits from Robert have been very plain and disappointing. Robert had Jackie O, Perfect for him right? Imagine Barbie dressed as Jackie O. But no, he did a plain oatmeal linen jacket and skirt with black cami top. Fine for a regular average woman, but the judges felt it didn't have the 'Impeccable Chicness' of Jackie O.
Vincent designed a dress for Jan Brady - I mean Twiggy. A half black half cheap plaid dress. Possibly cute, but not fun enough for Twiggy.
Angela got, got, got, ah, I can't say it - Audrey Hepburn. I swore that I heard a collective gasp from Audrey fans everywhere when that was announced. But she did fairly well, no space age puff-tart bubble skirt this time. She did a pinch pleated fitted cocktail dress. I don't really like those low, narrow square necklines though. She did sneak some poufs of fabric on the dress though, around the bottom and at the waist. But overall, it was fairly ok.
Kayne did Marilyn Monroe. At first he said he wanted to do Marilyn-meets-Gwen Stefani- I though yuck! (sorry, I'm not much of a fan of Gwen's style, I do like the way that she dressed while she was pregnant though) Marilyn was the perfect choice for him, and I thought that he was going to win the way the judges made such a big fuss over it. His gown was a halter with flowing skirt. The top was trimmed in black leather and the rest of the dress was sheer black over nuded, gathered and seamed perfectly over the model's body. The seaming on the train of the dress was fantastic.
Michael got Pam Greer. He did a bombastic hot pink top and hot pants, that were actually really cute and wearable looking, not trashy at all. It was nice to see more of him this episode and he seems like a very nice guy. Defending Angela when Jeffrey was on her case, and he phoned home to his mom too. Michael and his model will appear in an ad for Treseme in Elle magazine.

Welcome back Michael Kors. I actually missed your Nelly Olsen commentary and your oompa-loompa tan while you were gone. The word of the day was 'Insane' Michael Kors used it to describe the 'insane pockets' on Vince's dress and the 'insane crotch' on Bradley pants.
Heidi wore yet another horrific outfit. I think she was a futuristic Greek Goddess Super hero in that short hippe dress and high boots.
I had to laugh, because I swore that NinaGarrrrcia and guest judge Diane Von Furstenburg were staring at Angela's giant baggie cargo pants (worn one leg up, one leg down) and big clunky combat boots when she walked out on the stage. I wonder what those ladies were thinking?

So ends another episode, I can't wait until next week! (please pull it together Robert)
You can see the outfits here -


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