A little vintage everyday

I try to wear something vintage everyday, it's my job, so what better way to promote it. Usually the vintage piece is a purse. This week on a trip to the post office, bank and foodstore (the only places that usually ever go) I wore these navy strappy wedge heels and carried this cute straw purse with bamboo handles and little raffia flowers on it. It was a nice day and I was feeling kind of Summery. It's hard to show off the vintage wardrobe in the Winter, because I'm bundled up. That's another reason why I look forward to Spring so much!
This was actually the 2nd photo that I took of these items. In the first photo, the shoe was on my foot, and then I thought I'd better do a footless photo, since some people don't like to see feet. So I spared you a view of my foot!

It has been raining here in Jersey for the past 3 days, and I think it's going to rain again today. Rain makes me headachey and then I don't get much typing work done because it's hard to concentrate. I feel ok for an hour or so, then I start to feel fuzzy. I was felling better, but now dealing with this blog that is not saving correctly is starting to bug me!!

OK, I am back after a short food break to finish this blog post!

To keep or to sell? This dress was in the lot of vintage that I bought last week (30 some dresses, 30 some pieces of lingerie, pre-1930s stuff and some other odds and ends) Lightweight cotton in pink and brown with cute shoulder details and a tie on the front of the neckline. The dress really looks like it would fit me, and it's been calling me! But I'm being strong, not trying it on, not adding it to my wardrobe. But then again, I did buy a dress specifically for myself on ebay recently that is a little too snug for me. Maybe I could sell that dress and keep this one? Huh? Sounds like a fair trade!

Vintage aprons, I love them. They are so cute and I love the 1940-50s cotton prints that they are made from. How could one wear an apron as everyday wear, without looking like you are actually wearing an apron? Without people stopping to stare at you in the foodstore or wondering why you are wearing an apron into the post office?
I've seen them previously in fashion mags worn over jeans, and they just looked like an apron worn over jeans. I'm also not into a long item, like and apron or dress, being worn over jeans because I am short and that look just wouldn't work for me.
I guess the thing to do would be to get a plain solid color sleeveless dress that is the same length as the apron. Then maybe the apron would look more like it was part of the dress, or would it still stand out as an apron?
Help me style queens!

Hummingbird watch - I haven't seen any yet. They are suppose to start returning to this area in April, and I put a feeder out, waiting, watching the sky for their return!

OK, that's it for now. Enjoy the 25% off sale. I'm off to work on cleaning and prepping the new load of vintage for future updates!



Alison said...

KEEP THE DRESS!!! If you're anything like me then you very rarely kepp things for yourself. If you occassionaly come across something that has your name on it and that you lose sleep over then that's a great enough reason to grab it for yourself in my book!
I love vintage aprons too. Last time I was in the States (2000) my friend brought me the cutest apron that I always wear when I cook. It's pretty thread bare now but I don't care. Also when I'm in my work room dealing with vintage, I have a special apron that I wear for that. I put it on and feel in work mode straight away. I suppose it's a bit like having a uniform. I have another pretty one that I wear when I'm crafting. I remember that my Nanna was never without an apron. She put a fresh one on in the morning, afternoon and then evening. I suppose in a way, when I put them on, I find them quite comforting. Am I weird? Haha!
Love those little strappy blue sandels AND the handbag. You can never have too many of those!

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