Project Runway, Snow in the woods and a bunch of stock

First snow in the woods 12/5 -

The driveway - how'd you like to shovel that? Luckily the snow was soft enough that it cleared away after driving the truck up and down the driveway several times

The last photo is this cool/weird bent tree that's behind our garage. It looks like the addition to our garage isn't going to be built until Spring now. So we'll be cramped and packed into the house until then. I was planning on using the room over the garage addition to store my stock, but I'll have to just keep piling it up in the bedroom for now.

I bought several small loads of vintage over the past few weeks, plenty to keep me busy over the Winter. Included in one load was 200 pieces of lingerie, so look for some great expansion in the lingerie department over the next few months! I've got a bunch of hats and purses too, and gloves, oh man I've got the gloves! I've got some nice linens too, which I don't buy very often. I have to clean and iron those though, so it may take me some time to get into the mood to work on those. Nylon is so much more easier to work with than cotton so I'm starting on the lingerie first. Now I need some dresses, there were only a handful of good dresses out of all of the loads, darn.

The new season of 'Project Runway' has started, and I'm watching it again. I don't really follow current fashions and I'm not a fan of any modern fashion designers really, so I don't know why I like the show so much. I guess I just like watching people be creative. The show is on Bravo, if you haven't heard of it. Unknown fashion designers compete to have their collection shown at Fashion Week. Each week they have a fashion design challenge. In the premiere they were given 6 yards of muslin and $20 for notions/accessories to create a dress. The next challenge was given to them after a dinner party. They were told that they had to use the clothing that they were wearing right at that moment to create a new garment. The show is interesting, and you get the typical cattyness, wackiness, big egos and backstabbing as you do with all reality shows. There was another fashion design show on one of the major networks. I only caught one episode of it, and it was not as good as Project Runway.

Bye for now, Carol