Circle skirts & Friday morning

It's Friday morning, already near the end of September, but the weather is still realy nice here.
Did you ever have a day when you're feeling in a good mood, it's a nice day, you're getting work done, and then someone says something (or in my case, sends an email) with some snippy comment that just hits you the wrong way and ruins your day? That happened to me yesterday. Someone sent me a snippy email, no one that I know, not a customer. It wasn't really a nasty email, just snippy and it bugged me. I didn't reply, just deleted it, but it still bugged me the rest of the day.
Anyway, on to today with a better outlook. I'm going to get out of the house a little bit today. After the post office and the foodstore, I might go check out this shop that sells stuff that they've cleared out of estates. I drive by the place several times a week, but in the 3 months that we've lived here, I've never been in there. Maybe I'll find a pile of vintage treasure (or a bunch of damaged, overpriced junk)
Right now is the kind of weather that really makes me enjoy our new house. In our old house, we had no storm/screen doors, so you couldn't open them in nice weather. We had heavy dark curtains on our windows, so not much light or air would blow through either. But this house has screen doors, two out front and a big sliding door in back that also has a screen. So we can open the doors and let air blow through the house. Plus we have no curtains downstairs because we have blinds. This also lets in alot of sunlight and fresh air, which is so nice out here in the woods. The neighbors dogs were chasing a raccoon or something through our yard last night (that's as exciting as it gets out here!) Boris was sound alseep, didn't hear a thing. The neighbors have a golden retreiver and big shepard mix dog, who come walk through our yard. They are afraid of Boris though!
This week I've been working on some black dresses, dressy dresses, a ton of aprons and some panties for the next update. Today I'll be working on some suits, tops and skirts for the following week's update. I have several sequined tops, jackets and dresses from my last load, plus several fancy sequined hats from Jessie's estate, so I think I'll put together a Glitz & Glamour page featuring those items, for the holidays. That will be in another two weeks or so though.

Two seller's from ebay's vintage clothing board have really cute circle skirts listed this week, so I thought I'd let you know about them. I am not affiliated with either seller, I just think the skirts are cute.
A cutey with squirrels and real walnuts -

A sequined Mexican skirt with tequilla drinking donkeys -

Later, that same . . . I'm back from my errands and the estate shop, which actually turned out to be a nice antique place. I didn't buy anything though, and they didn't have any vintage clothing.

It's a lazy kind of day, so I was looking online, and I saw that there is going to be another Vintage clothing & textile auction held by Charles Whitaker & Karen Augusta in November. They are located in New Hope PA. They sell really drool-worthy collectible clothing and you can check out some of the pieces from the upcoming auction on their website -
They also have their previous catalogs from the past few years still online too. On the left, click on 'catalog' and then follow the link to the list of previous auctions with photos and selling prices. Some really amazing items.


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